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SC Vlad Hunting S.R.L.
Vlad Susanu
Hunting areas:  Romania. But I can also provide hunting 
Romania: Rabbits, Roe Buck, Chamois, Stag, Wild Boars, Bear,
Pheasants, Ducks, Geese, Capercaille etc...  packages in : TEXAS, KANSAS, GEORGIA, SASKATCHEWAN, MEXICO, SOUTH DAKOTA and MISSOURI.
I have some contracts with ranches from the areas mentioned.
I can provide hunting packages for the following species:
      My partners can offer the following species:
TEXAS: HOG, JAVELINA, BOBCAT, WILD BOAR, COYOTES and some other exotic species.
MISSOURI: TURKEY,  WHITETAIL DEER,COYOTES. My office address is:  Calea lui Traian, nr. 73,
Rm. Valcea, 240108,
Valcea, Romania.
 Phone: 0040-763-024-169.
Office email: office@vhuntingandfishing.ro
Website: http://
 “Vlad Hunting SRL was created in order to offer you a large quantity of hunting and fishing trips packages, designed to meet your requirements, with 100% positive results.”


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2. We obviously can not find you a guide who can get you an animal that is not indigenous
to an area.. Our Guarantee is this.. if you cant find a guide here
 on the site we will do all in our power to find a guide for you in the area
you want to hunt or a guide or outfitter as close as is possible.
IF you cant find a guide contact me for PERSONAL SERVICE:
 Jim Dicken
by e-mail by clicking on my name to the left.

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