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Never Too Good to Take a Second Look
By Rob Lobitz

  If you are like many great turkey hunters out there you likely want to be even better. From the moment you take your rifles out of your gun safes you are thinking about how to be a smarter hunter, a better shot or any number of other aspects that are important to what you are doing. But, if you are smart then you know that there is always more that you can do and learn.

Now from good Winchester gun safes to decoy safety there is a lot to know and learn, and for many of us this has been a trial and error experience. Here are some very basic tips that you need to know to help make your experience better and more successful.

To begin with you need to consider a few things from the beginning of the hunt, in fact before the hunt to be more specific. One of the best places to start is to make sure that you have a safe place to store your supplies, particularly your weapon. Having good gun safes is one way to make sure your items are secure and your loved ones are safe. Then you need to make sure that you take out your weapon and fine tune it. This may sound like a novice point, but it is something that some people fail to take the time to address.

Next it is a good idea to make sure that you have perfected your turkey call. There are a lot of techniques and some great tools available out there that can assist with this. A turkey hunter can only get so far however with preparation, and having a good solid call can be the best weapon in your arsenal.

Getting prepared by making sure you have good camo, and you find public land to hunt on is also another key factor. Then while you are actually on your hunt it is important to not get too overly anxious. Find an open place, find the most dominant bird and make sure that you are using good safety practices when using a decoy.


Once you have caught your gobbler it’s time to back off and prepare your bird. One thing that many hunters forget is that they are doing this often times with the help of private people, so it is a really good idea to take a great “hero” picture with your trophy and then thank the owner of the land. This can be a great way to build up a good relationship with the individual and ensure that you can have future rights to the area.

Above all, don’t assume that because you have been there and done that you should get comfortable in what you are doing. It pays to start at the beginning and work your way through it all from the start. From gun safes to the turkey calls, refreshing your memory can be a great way to keep things safe and enjoyable.