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Hunting - Cheaper than Buying your own... Meat that is.

Hello Hunters from Butch Alexander, Southern Ohio Hunting Preserve. www.sohp.net 
As I make these comparisions, I am shocked beyond words as to how much more it cost to buy the SAME meat in the grocery that you would get from hunting an American Bison, a Water Buffalo, or a Scottish Highlander.
Here's what I found out:
According to a USDA pamphlet a 1000lbs steer, bull, heifer or cow will dress out at about 60% which will be about a 600 lb carcass. Of that 600lb carcass 26% (154 to 156lbs) will be bone, fat and trimmings. That leaves 446 lbs of meat to be used. Again, according to the USDA, here's how that 446 lbs of meat will be divided into what cuts. The grocery store prices I took from a local Kroger Store, because people pointed out, that the hog comparision that I did with a store here in McArthur was not fair because you can buy meat cheaper in a larger grocery store. Krogers is the largest grocery chain we have around here.

Front Quarters

Cut of Meat                    Price from Krogers             Ft. Quarters               Total Cost
                                      Pounds in Total cost
Rib Roast
Ribeye steaks                  12.49 per lb                            28lbs                     $349.72
Chuck Roast
Chuck Steaks                   4.99 per lb                             80lbs                     $399.20
Short Ribs                        6.99 per lb                             10lbs                     $69.90
Brisket                              3.49 per lb                              6lbs                      $20.94
Stew meat                        4.29 per lb                              14lbs                     $60.06
Ground Chuck                  3.39 per lb                              84lbs                    $284.76
Hind Quarters
T-Bone/Porterhouse          9.99 per lb                             40lbs                     $399.60
Sirlion Steaks Rts              8..99 per lb                             36lbs                    $323.64
Round steaks Rts              4.49 per lb                              64lbs                    $287.36
Rump Roast                       4.49 per lb                             20lbs                      $89.80
Flank Steak                      5.99 per lb                               12lbs                     $71.88
Tip Steaks Rts                  5.99 per lb                              16lbs                      $95.84
Ground Beef                     2.99 per lb                              36lbs                     $107.64
Totals 446 lbs meat                                                                                        $2560.34

This means when you buy this animal at the grocery store it cost you $2560.34. Wow! I would not have believed that!
OK, Here's the deal. We will sell you a Scottish Highlander or a Water Buffalo hunt (an animal that will weigh right at, or in excess of 1000lbs) for $1695.00. That's $860 Cheaper that you can buy the same amout of beef at the store for. OR... We will sell you an American Bison hunt (an animal that will weigh right at 1000lbs) for $1895.00. Thats $665 cheaper than you can buy the same amount of beef at the store.
Keep in mind that Scottish Highlander, Water Buffalo and American Bison all have 35% more protein than Beef, it has less Cholesterol than skinless chicken, turkey and is comparable to most fish. All of this meat can reduce your LDL by 45% when eaten 4 to 5 times a week over a 6 month period.
After my last e-mail with the comparision with the hog, many people asked about the cost of butchering, which is a fair question. Most butchers will charge .45 to .50 cts a lb to cut package and wrap a steer or heifer or cow (on a1000lb animal, 600lb carcass that would be about $300) So even if you pay a butcher the going rate your stll going to save $560 to $365 over buying your meat at the grocery and you'll have better, more healthy meat for your family. Thats even enough left to buy a new freezer if you need one, and you'll always have it afterwards.
We've not yet mentioned that you will have a great head and hide to mount and hang in your home if wish. You will also have the pleasure and the therapeutic benefits getting away to do a great hunt.
You say its easier to buy your meat at the grocery a little bit at a time. What better way to spend your income tax refund to get you some well deserved time away. Think of the money you WON"T spend at the grocery thoughout the next year that you can use for whatever you want all year long.
Call me or E-Mail me to book one of these special hunts today.
Butch Alexander Southern Ohio Hunting Preserve 740-596-5917

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