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Sundays from 6PM to 8PM Listen to the Jim Strader Hunting and Fishing Show on
WHAS 840 in Louisville
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Gift Suggestions for the Outdoorsman


Gunway Launches Beta Release


Gunway, a network designed to connect and grow the firearms & outdoor community, was launched on Tuesday, November 14, 2011.  

Zeiss Sports Optics Names Eastern Region Sales Manager


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has hired Kevin Winscher as its Eastern Region Sales Manager.  

Range Systems selected by Gander Mountain for Academy firing ranges


Gander Mountain? the nation's largest retailer of firearms, selected Range Systems Inc. to design, build, and install customized firearm training systems for their Gander Academy L-Range™ facilities across the country.

GunBroker.com Posts 25.4% Cyber Monday Sales Gain


GunBroker.com, the world's largest internet auction site for firearms and related accessories, reported a 25.4% increase in 2011 Cyber Monday sales activity over 2010, signaling what it calls "a strong final month for online sales of hunting and shooting sports equipment".

Birchwood Casey Named Manufacturer of the Year by NASGW


Birchwood Casey was named Accessory Manufacturer of the Year for the fourth year in a row at the recent annual meeting of the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW).  

Heritage Expands Rough Rider Line

Heritage Manufacturing introduces the newest addition to their Rough Rider family, a 9 Shot .22 LR and .22 Magnum combo revolver. MSRP $289.99-$349.99.  

Heritage Manufacturing Introduces .45LC/410


Heritage Manufacturing introduces an addition to our Heritage family, a .45LC/.410 which accepts six rounds of .410 bore 2 -1/2 inch shot-shells and .45 LC cartridges in one cylinder. MSRP $449.99  

'Tis the Season of Rangefinder Savings


From November 24 through December 24, 2011, the purchase of a PROSTAFF 550 or Team REALTREE 550 Laser Rangefinder can earn you a $30 mail-in rebate. Plus, get free ground shipping when you order online at the Nikon Store.

Use This Code at Checkout

Crimson Trace is offering a $30 discount when you buy a laser at their new website. Enter code: 30LSR11 at checkout and don't tell anyone we told you.

Win a Ruger M77 Hawkeye Rifle and Hawke Scope Combo Package at NRAhuntersrights.org


NRAhuntersrights.org is holding a double gift giveaway well-suited for late season hunting conditions. For the month of December they're giving away a complete big-game hunting package featuring a Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifle and a Hawke Panorama 3-9x40 scope.

Dates Set for 21st Annual Smith & Wesson International Revolver Championship


The International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts has announced the dates of the 21st Annual Smith & Wesson International Revolver Championship. The match, which will once again be held at the he Hogue Action Pistol Range in San Luis Obispo, Calif., will take place June 1-3, 2012.

Renowned trainer Rob Pincus joins Armed American Radio live from Orlando this Weekend.

Armed American Radio and host Mark Walters hit the road this Sunday, 12-04-2011 for a special live show from the studios of WORL, News Talk 660 AM, Orlando, FL. with special in studio guest co-host, Mr. Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training Company and its core Combat Focus Shooting instruction.


Stumped For the Holidays? Don't Be

With the holiday gift-giving season barreling down on us, there's really not a lot of time left to find the perfect gift for the shooter on your list. If you happen to be the shooter on someone's list, here are a few suggestions you might want to consider "hinting" to your gift givers.

As always, there's nothing here one of the editors at The Outdoor Wire Digital Network hasn't tried - or liked. We're not here to offer anything but positive suggestions (maybe even to people shopping for us this season).

I'm a big fan of multi-tools, although I know a multi-tool doesn't give you the optimal tool for every situation. Sometimes using a multi-tool requires a Rube Goldberg-ish configuration of the do-it-all multi-tool. Being one of those people who chronically overpacks everything from suitcases to range bags, carrying a multi-tool makes sense.


The Remington 1911 Multi Tool might be the last 1911 gift you give your shooter to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the 1911. A tool that's specific to the 1911 and is useful for other applications as well might be one your shooter's missed to this point. OWDN Photo.
Being a big fan of the venerable 1911, I'm known to carry a bushing tool (or two) along with a punch for the mainspring housing, along with a bit driver and a couple of other basics. In essence, I'm trying to put together a mini gunsmithing tool kit. Not practical. Last year, while testing Remington's version of the 1911 (their 1911R1), I was gifted with one solution to my too-many-tools problem with the 1911: the Remington 1911 Multi Tool.

The Remington 1911 Multi Tool looks a lot like other multi-tools with the addition of the combination dual bushing wrench to the plier head and a mainspring housing punch in the handle. If you've needed those and not had them, you know they're critical for working on your 1911 without causing unnecessary aggravation or cosmetic damage.

It includes a belt case, bit driver with five double-sided bits, file, bottle opener and screwdriver, and a knife that's a combo drop point and serrated blade.

Did I mention it's all in the always-fashionable tactical black?

Seriously, it's a gift that your 1911 fan will appreciate that won't break your bank and works with virtually any company's 1911 in any size. It's available online at a variety of retailers, with prices in the $40-43. MSRP $49.95.

If you're not fortunate enough to have a safe that's climate controlled and worry about protecting your firearms, knives, parts or whatever from rust during extended storage, you'll like the vacuum-sealed long-term storage and preservation bags from ZCORR.

ZCORR's best known inside the military as the supplier of arsenal storage bags to the USMC. When the Marines serviced, refurbished and stored M-16 rifles, they were looking for a solution that would protect the guns for up to 20 years. ZCORR provided an answer in their bags with a vapor corrosion inhibitor impregnation. They also made the bags vacuum sealing.

Yep, it's an AR-style rifle in a protective bag (above) ZCORR Photo. The ZCORR bags, however come in a variety of sizes for virtually anything metal you care to protect (below) OWDN photo.

They're simple to operate. Clean and normally lube your firearm (sizes available for long guns, carbines, handguns and ammo/parts) put it into the ZCORR bag, take your vacuum cleaner and apply it to the one-way valve, pull out the air and you're done.

I've used ZCORR bags in the past, but the latest firearms versions are reusable, equally durable (they're far tougher than a plastic bag) and available in sizes that will protect pistols, carbines and long rifles. Their Collector Series storage bags and Ammunition and Parts Pouches use zip closures to protect a variety of sizes of parts, ammo or whatever.

And finally, who doesn't need more ammo? Especially if you have a competition handgun shooter on your list.

Any handgun competitor on your shopping list will thank you for an ammo gift that not only shows your appreciation for their sport, it demonstrates you've taken time to find ammo that's the ammo-of-choice for many of the world's top-level practical shooters.

We first heard of ASYM Precision ammo from Julie Golob. As captain of the Smith & Wesson Shooting Team and the only person to have ever won all the USPSA world titles, we listen when she offers advice. She swears by ASYM ammo.

Julie introduced us to Stan Chen, world-class gun guy, and the owner of ASYM Precision ammunition. We tried his ammo and now we're hooked- although we promise our results have nothing to do with his ammo and everything to do with our abilities. (We shot some of Julie's -just to make certain).

Earlier this week, we received the very first production boxes of ASYM's new 9mm 115-grain JHP Match Ammo. This is a brand-new super-accurate and soft-shooting load tuned up especially for Steel Challenge and Bianchi Cup-style matches.

I headed to the range with the Match Ammo and ran two magazines through one of my M&P Pro pistols. It produced very tight groups in slow fire, cycled reliably in rapid fire (OK, my version of rapid fire isn't Jerry Miculek or Rob Leatham, but you get the picture) and had a decided reduction in recoil over other ammo I've used.

It's terrific stuff for those kinds of speed matches.

The proof is in the shooting when it comes to ASYM's Action Match Ammo. Unfortunately, the target's not ours- those are Stan Chen's initials on the target. ASYM Precision photo.
Along with the 9mm, I also received a first-run box of ASYM Precision's new Law Enforcement and Personal Defense Ammo in .45ACP. This stuff is a thumper- a 230 Grain JHP Tactical XTP, but it's not one of those rounds that punishes you when you're shooting it. ASYM has once again managed to tune the load to get optimal performance and minimal recoil. I don't pretend to understand the science behind tuning loads, but I appreciate the results.

You can get ASYM Precision ammo in a variety of calibers (45ACP, 9mm, .380 Auto, .223 and .308) and mission-specific loads as shown by the soft-shooting 115 Grain 9mm Action Match Ammo to the 230 Grain JHP Tactical XTP in .45ACP for Law Enforcement or Personal Defense situations.

There's really not much bad ammo manufactured in the United States, but ASYM is one of those top-shelf brands. Since Chen and his company don't manufacture components, they meticulously choose and rigorously test combinations of components to tune loads to specific purposes.

Like any top-shelf brand, this stuff comes at a premium. You can check what's available for yourself at http://store.chencustom.com/default.asp. Like all boutique operations, not every caliber is available al the time. You might also want to check out the other offerings while you're there.

Just a few suggestions, with more to follow.

--Jim Shepherd  


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10 Gift Ideas for the Huntress who has Everything
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Tactics for Hunting Deer in Bad Weather
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Tactics for Hunting Deer in Bad Weather: Part Two You may not believe it, but you can easily take large whitetails by hunting in some pretty nasty conditions. You'll find the very-best times to hunt in rainy weather conditions are just before the rain, during the first 30 minutes of rain, 30 minutes before the rain stops and within the first 2 hours after the rain....


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Berkley NanoFil Product Review 
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Getting the Lead Out: Lead Ammunition Ban
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Getting the Lead Out: Lead Ammunition Ban The ruling to ban lead ammunition by the EPA has not yet been finalized, after sparking the debate more than one year ago. Some wildlife protection groups, including some hunters, are pressing the EPA to ban all lead ammunition nation-wide for fear of endangering wildlife that consumes lead bullets. What do your think about this ban? Join our Campfire Discussion by telling us your opinion....


How To Stay Safe While Shooting at an Unmanned Range
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How To Stay Safe While Shooting at an Unmanned Range Each year, thousands of hunters and shooters head to unmanned ranges to sight in rifles and handguns, pattern shotguns and improve their marksmanship. While the golden rule at supervised shooting ranges is to follow the range master’s instructions, shooters at unmanned ranges need to take extra measures...


Practical AK Buying Guide: Caliber Choice
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Practical AK Buying Guide: Caliber Choice Though more commonly seen in the public eye as a weapon of insurgents, terrorists and “freedom fighters” the world over, AK (an abbreviation for avtomat Kalashnikova, the Russian name for the gun) rifles have found their way into many Americans' gun cabinets, safes, closets, trunks and survival stashes....




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