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Guide Home Page is a new Hunting Guide Directory supported by our original site .. Fishing Guides Home Page.
I decided to add Hunting Guides, because it is a natural extension. Many of the guides and charters of FGHP.com are also Hunting Guides during the Hunting Season and Fish outside the Hunting Season, or work back and forth as the customer base dictates.
I hope to make the Hunting Guides Home Page as popular as the Fishing Guides Home Page. I hope you will join me in this work of promoting the outdoors. We will always work hard to make sure you get your value from the Huntingguidehomepage.com and www.HuntTheUS.com . We expect you to be paying NO MORE than 5 to 10% for the trips you get from the site. IF you do not feel that you have gotten that value then let me know.

For the next 2 years.. Starting November 1, 2006 I will accept listings on HuntTheUS.com and HuntingGuideHomePage.com for FREE. At the end of the 2 years I will request a $25.00 payment for the next year. Those who feel we have provided good service can pay and keep their listings. Those who are not satisfied can have their listings deleted. I will also establish a $50.00 set up fee at that time as well. Any guide listed BEFORE November 1, 2008 will have this listing fee waived.
If you want your listing at the top of a page PERMANENTLY you will have to pay for that privilege BEFORE Novem ber 1, 2008 or the first companies to pay will get the top space.

Jim Dicken
Owner / Founder / Webmaster HuntingGuideHomePage.com

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To get a listing: Sign up below and make your payment... then send an e-mail to me with the following information
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Jim Dicken
Hunting Guide Home Page Founder

What folks are saying about FGHP.com

MAIL from some of the guides of FGHP.com

Subj: Happy Hooker One Stats
Date: 5/21/03 11:58:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: CaptainRW1
To: JimD072

Happy Hooker One ChartersTN
An RW And Associates Company
Hi Jim,
I haven't talked to you in quite some time, and I though you deserved some high praise for the way you have handeled the FGHP site. We keep real close watch on our stats, and I noticed this month your site was #6 out of my top thirty in referrals. I am also constantly seeing you move up the search engine pages and try our best to help.

We now have 2,082 pages and 1,622 Trophy pictures up on our site. We had our top year last year with over 407,000 hits, and this year it is growing by the month. We are now getting offers from some of the top company's just to get us on their site.

I'm telling you all this because I believe you were a major reason for our early success some years ago when we first started. Your coaching and very pointed information meant everything to us. You are the only person we have paid for a spot, and we are proud and happy to pay you. All the rest we did by using your information and hard work. We wish to thank you very much for your help in our early years. This kept us from having to pay search engines, which we couldn't afford to do at that time.

We are now at the top of all major search engines, and some of the smaller ones that we have not even heard of. The keywrods "Bradenton Sportfishing" , "Bradenton Fishing", "Fish Pic", and almost anything to do with fishing, boating, JetSking, Kiaking, or Fish in Florida will bring up our link, and you had a lot to do with it.

By the way I haven't paid you in a long time, be sure to check your records and bill me when we are due.

We consider you a real friend to our business and appreciate you and your work,
Captain RW Best
Happy Hooker One Charters

Date: 8/18/01 11:45:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time  
To: JimD072
dear jim, thanks for e mail back, i want to say this about your web sight being connected with bass on hook.com, i have had so many inquirys that i have had to turn business to other guides, you have done a great job, and i think you need to make your rates higher, i never dream of being so busy, 60 percent of my business comes from internet, you have a great sight, and i will be a lifetime member, thank you steve and cheryl adams s&c guide service please post for other guides, there is money to be made in your sight

Date: 9/10/01 8:50:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: albertaboundfishing@home.com (Alberta Bound Fishing Adventures)
To: JimD072@aol.com
Thanks for the update Jim! I am EXTREMELY thrilled with the trips I have booked with fghp. I have booked more trips from your service than any other I advertise with. Keep up the good work. I would be pleased to write a letter of recommendation for you, if this kind of thing would help you at all.
If you ever make it up here, I have a seat in the boat and a case of cold Canadian beer waiting for you.
Thank you for the excellent service
Chris Gerritse
Alberta Bound Fishing Adventures

VacationCoach does link to your site for in-depth fishing information. We are an expert travel planning resource, which helps people find the best vacation spots based on the interests and activities they enjoy most. We have a dedicated content team, including seasoned researchers and travel and category experts, who compile destination content for over 150 (and growing) vacation destinations in the United States.

Our content team has found your site to be of great value for in-depth fishing information in the different destinations that we cover........
Lora Kratchounova
Marketing Coach
VacationCoach, Inc.

From the Lexington Herald Leader  / Lexington Kentucky
Published June 3, 2001

On Nov. 12, 1999, Jim Dicken of Louisville started the Fishing Guides Home Page, with listings for a few local guides. Today, the Web site boasts more than 1,300 guides and charters for North America (including all 50 states), and many foreign countries, including England, Ireland, Australia, the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Mexico and New Zealand. Anglers can find guides for freshwater, saltwater and fly fishing trips by choosing the state, then clicking go. Also there are links to state agencies for fishing regulations and licensing. 

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